HowTo-FCIP on Brocade 7800’s

Hello there…

So I have the old 7500 post from since 2007 when I created the FCIP 7500 cheat sheet.  I thought it was time for an updated to include the 7800.  Lots/Most of the terminology hasn’t changed since the 7500.  I can tell since I have started using this technology its much more flexable than the 7500.  Kudo’s to Brocade on that one.. Link to Brocade 7800 details..

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Growing HiDRB Tuning Manager Database


Ran into an issue recently when our Tuning Manager retention slipped us into an full Tuning  Manager database.  We had plenty of file system space so just needed to figure out how to grow it. This is the process I followed:

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Raidcom (Hitachi Thin Image) aka HTI

Hello again…   Well our friends at HDS have come out with a new way to do snapshots that ‘s much more scaleable than CoW (Copy On Write) and its asynchronous in nature.  A few requirements on the VSP side:

  • V05 or greater
  • Raidcom version 1-29-03 or higher
  • For the best performance just like CoW requires and separate parity group(s)
  • Usually a 7+1 with with 4 equal ldev sizes is the best practice
  • Separate CLPR’s aren’t required yippee!! (No need since it’s asynchronous)

Near Top Post for 5 Years Running on – Cable Management

Another year slides by us and my old blog post is still running strong..  Thanks Jerome and DCIG – and a Happy New Year to All…

Data Center Management (Part-1) Cable Management..

Problems with DB Export on HiCommand Suite “Whaaaata”


Been a bit since we last talked, I could make excuses but I won’t waste your eyes on that non-sense.  Anyways we have been upgrading all our HCS (HiCommand Suite) instances to the latest version 7.3.0, and I like to perform a manual export of the DB versus letting the upgrade tool perform that operation.  As always Murphy’s Law was waiting for me on the very last / hence most important one to crop his head up, attempting to export the DB and it kept bombing out on the replication manager tables.  I fussed with it and finally threw in the towel and buzzed my brother “Anil” our resident HiDRB expert, and we were able to solve the issue.  

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RAIDCOM End to End Provisioning on VSP


Its been awhile since I posted, but day job has been cranking lately.  I felt this one was worthy of a post, in a previous post I discussed Raidcom commands that could be useful to everyone out there.  Well our friends at HDS have updated the CCI and VSP code to allow end to end provisioning on the VSP – Freakin sweet no more GUI :-).  My Collegues and I have created a script to perform VSP provisioning but since everyone has there own view on the best scripting languages I will leave the scripts for you to determine what your favorite one is. In place of the script I will give you the appropriate commands to run.


Enjoy and let me know if this has helped you!!!

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NetBackup Guy!!! Awesome

Hello from SNW..  I saw this today and I had to share it with everyone, super funny if you have been using NetBackup as long as we have…




Quick Hit SNM2 for AMS (audpoptimize)

Recently a goofball I work with was complaining that I didn’t have this on my blog.  So here it is 🙂  These commands can allow you to be conservative when optimizing luns on the AMS after you have grown a DP Pool.  You can optimize one lun at a time or multiple depending on how crazy you want to get.  This can be done by default on all of the luns when you grow a pool.  But you probably don’t want to bang them all out out once especially if the CPU is running hot on your AMS’s

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Lets Migrate “HDS Device Manager from one Server to Another”

Hello Again,

Its been a bit, but its been nutzo at work lately. I had to recently move from one device manager server to another, have to love server refreshes.  I had a slew of tuning manager, device manager, account information, reports etc, that I either didn’t want to re-create and/or lose.  So I had to migrate the HiCommand Suite Databases from one server to another.  Oddly enough it actually worked and very well.

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